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The collection of Classicmaster, the Porsche specialist, consists of at least 75 Porsches build since 1974. We are specialized in Porsche 911. Almost all our Porsches are served with an inspection report, delivered by the official Porsche dealer. Besides an amazing collection Porsches, Classicmaster also has a lot of other beautiful oldtimers. Check our collection for more information or visit us in the showroom or you can make contact with Jeroen Kooren. We would like to help you with your wishes!


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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has three types over the years: 460, this was the first G-Class. In 1990 the luxurious version was released with a multi-passenger car interior, the 463 Baureihe. Because the 463 had actually become too luxurious, the 461 was released, this simpler version was with fabric upholstery and a simple interior, this model has been available for a long time for utility customers such as farmers, fire brigade, construction, etc.

Almost all heavier Mercedes-Benz passenger car engines have found their place under the hood in the G-Class. The G-Class is today characterized by its classic appearance, its rare appearance and its luxurious interior, which is not inferior to the Mercedes top-class sedans. The G-Class is one of the most stable cars currently for sale.

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